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Huaian Giawing International Co.,Ltd. is a chemical supplier in China specilized in dyes intermediates, pharma intermediates and solvent dyes as well as chemicals for R&D. We export our products
to Japan,Korea,Taiwan,Southeast Asia,
North America and EU etc countries and areas.We sincerely welcome interested friends to contact us and discuss business cooperation. Our email:


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Products & Service
Type HS Code Description
M,E292921O-Chloroaniline 99.5%
M,E292909M-Methylanisole 99%min:
M,E2927006-Nitro-1,2-Diazoxy-Naphthaylene-4-Sulfoni Acid 78%min
M,E2930901,5-Naphthaylene Disulfonic Acid 90%min:
M,E2929311,6-Naphthylene Disufonic Acid Disodium Salt 90%min
M,E2929211,2,3-Benzotriazole 99%min
M,E292921Acetacetanilide 99%min
M,E320419C.I.Solvent Green 3
M,E292909Anisole ( Methoxy Benzene ) 99.9%
M,E2904203-Aminobenzenesulfonic Acid 85% min.
M,E290410m-Aminophenol 99% min.
M,E290410m-Cresol 99.5% min.
M,E290410m-Toluidine 99.5% min.
M,E290369M-Dimethoxybenzene 99% min
M,E290930O-Dimethoxybenzene 99% min
M,E2909301,4-Dimethoxybenzene 99% min
M,E2930902,7-Naphthalene Disulfonic Acid Disodium Salt 90%min
M,E290490Aniline-3,4-Disulfonic Acid
M,E2903692, 2, 2-Trifluoroethanol
M,E294200Ferrocenecarboxylic Acid
M,E290369Tetrachlorophthalic Anhydride
M,E2921423, 5-Dichloroaniline
M,E2921423-(Diethylamino) Phenol
M,E2921422-Aminophenol-4-Sulfonic Acid
M,E292141Benzaldehyde -2,4-Disulphonic Acid Disodium Salt
M,E2904102, 6-Naphthalenedisulfonic Acid Disodium Salt
M,E2904901-Naphthol-8-Sulfonic Acid
M,E2904901, 6-Cleve’s Acid
M,E2904902, 7-Cleve’s Acid
M,E290410DSD Acid
M,E282759Phosphorus Tribromide
M,E292121N N-Diethylethylenediamine
M,E2921413-Dimethylaminobenzoic Acid 99.5%min
M,E292229H Acid
M,E2921292B Acid
M,E2921294B Acid
( M=Manufacture, E=Export, I=Import, S=Service )
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